This was such a devastating blow. She had just been doing so well, how could she just be gone…. How could this happen?


Coming home with empty arms and aching hearts was so overwhelming we thought we would drown in the sorrow…

Alexandria Memorial Stone


I immediately knew something was wrong…I looked into the assistant’s eyes and she said “I’m Sorry it doesn’t look good.”

Noah Wilde Face Front

Noah Wilde

Once we got there, our worst nightmare was confirmed. Noah’s heart had stopped and my sweet boy was no longer alive…


Emily Louise

Please God, please God… although we already knew:
There was no heartbeat. The UltraSound confirmed it and the world became silent…

Baby Noah's sweet face

Noah L

Everything started to change once my water was broken. Noah started going into distress. They assured me this could be normal after…


When I first held him, I sobbed and told him how sorry I was. I felt like it was all my fault that he wouldn’t get to grow up…

Lance Louis

I’ve struggled with not understanding why God allowed a child to be formed in my womb with so much hardship attached to him…

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