While We’re Waiting

While We’re Waiting Podcast


By, Heather Colvin


One afternoon, I was googling for any ministry that provided weekend getaways for bereaved parents.  In my search I seemingly “stumbled” upon the ‘While We’re Waiting’ website.


While We’re Waiting was founded by two couples, both bereaved parents. They host free faith-based retreats for bereaved parents all across the country.


I got so excited and reached out to Jill, one of the cofounders, to learn more about their nonprofit and glean from what they were already doing for bereaved families.


After a few back and forth conversations, Jill asked if Steve and I would be willing to be on the ‘While We’re Waiting Podcast.’ What makes this podcast unique is that it’s a podcast for bereaved parents by bereaved parents.


A take-away from our interview was how Jill, a fellow breavered mom, took the time to get to know us and AnnaJoy. It really touched our hearts! We came away from that interview heard and refreshed.


The podcast aired the following October. A month or so later, something happened that we didn’t expect. A bereaved mama from across the country reached out to us! She heard our podcast and our story resonated with her. We were able to connect and share the Hope that we have found even amongst the death of our daughter.


Thank you While We’re Waiting!


To listen to this two-part podcast, click Here and search for episodes 118 & 119 entitled “A Foundation of Hope”. While you are there, be encouraged by listening to some of the other great stories of hope after child loss.

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