Bridget’s Cradles

Bridget’s Cradles


By, Heather Colvin


A few days before Christmas we recorded our 3rd podcast. Ashley Opliger, the Founder, President and Executive Director of Bridget’s Cradles, had invited us to be on her podcast, ‘Cradled in Hope”.  


A funny little tidbit is that we recorded this podcast from our bedroom; our laptop balanced between two tv trays with a couple of cups of coffee too. Very professional!


One thing that sticks out to me is the sweetness of the podcast. We were simply having a conversation between 3 new friends about our babies in Heaven and the God that we love. My heart was so touched when I learned that Ashley and I were pregnant with our baby girls during the same time period. And here we are over 8 years later, and the Lord has knit us together. He knew of the connection to come and the healing that it would bring.  


Wow, God is so Faithful!


Thank you Ashley!


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